Posted by WeAREofUS (03/18/13 10:20 PM)
hey i read your report with the smoothie. very nice. i commented also
Posted by WeAREofUS (03/18/13 12:00 AM)
cool man. you're awesome. thanks. checking yours out now
Posted by Iamajalpeno (03/17/13 07:33 PM)
Hello friend,
No problem, it was fun to analyze. I appreciate your interest in reading my trip reports as well. I currently have two posted on the shroomery (links below). I started a personal project a while back which I call my 'Trip Journal'. It is a collection of many different trip reports. The first two are currently posted and I do intend to post more eventually.

These two reports are both pretty lengthy (20-25 min read) so take your time and let me know what you think.

In regards to your question, recursive thought processes are abundant in the psychedelic state. The number of permutations of such recursive thoughts is potentially infinite, but I'll list a couple of examples I have come across:

- I often am able to view large systems in an abstract  way and perceive the recursive nature of patterns within such systems. Take for example, Earth's biosphere. It is a vast integrated system of biological machinery. When viewed in an overarching sense, it is clear that patterns found at the smallest levels can be found recursively up through the highest levels. The same thing can be said about the universal system as a whole (think Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio phi, patterns found in everything from flower petals and nautilus shells to the shapes of galaxies and galactic clusters (an interesting fact, looking at the connections of neurons in the brain when compared to the shapes of galactic clusters, extremely similar patterns emerge...)
- Time often reveals itself to the psychedelic state recursively as well. I often find it very easy to perceive patterns and causal relationships between events in time, whether they are personal events in my life or events involving the entirety of the human race throughout history.

I could go on but the idea is that the introduction of a psychedelic produces novel and interesting thought processes and neural connections. It is because of this influence that the psychedelic mind is able to view subsets of human knowledge in abstract and novel ways. 
Posted by WeAREofUS (03/17/13 04:00 AM)
Hey Iamajalpeno. Thanks for your intricate analysis. some words were unfamiliar to me and had to do a little research but all is well my friend. But yea you hit the nail on the head I would say. Referring to a comment in your last paragraph, yes I finally experienced the "oneness of nature" that I've always heard about and thats exactly what i meant when i asked "am i of you"... I do have a question for you though; You said.  " " This is a classic recursive thought pattern that myself and other trippers often encounter in the psychedelic headspace, though sometimes in a myriad of different forms."" .

.... I'm curious of what different forms of recursive thought are out there in the psychedelic realm??? Thanks again for this man. I'd love to read some of your reports.

Posted by Iamajalpeno (03/17/13 02:22 AM)
Hello there!

Thank you for the enjoyable trip report. It sounds like you had a very enlightening entheogenic experience! I have a few comments:

- First, regarding this passage:

" I watched the smoke come from the end of the cig and I promise you that the conversation they were having "came off the end of the smoke from the Cig". LOL"

I believe I know just the type of experience you are hinting at here. I have a long and intense history with various psychedelics, shrooms being my all-time favorite. I believe what you experienced was a form of light synesthesia (the blending or melding of sensual signals from respective processing cortical areas). Entheogens like shrooms cause a sense of hightened awareness and "remove the filters" as it were from baseline consciousness. This causes rapid pattern recognition in the sensual processing areas. Your mind might have associated in some way the visual patterns of the smoke as it danced in your visual field with the auditory patterns from the conversation below. This happens to me most often with visual and auditory senses, just as you also mentioned about the bass influencing your visuals.

- Second, regarding your bad thoughts initially
This happens to me a lot as well. With shrooms there is often a good bit of anxiety associated with the rise to the peak, even for experienced trippers (I have tripped mushrooms at least 50 times in my life). However, I always find that once the peak mellows and you begin to ride the psychedelic wave the anxiety disappears, hence the lack of bad thoughts later on. If you continue to trip I am sure you will begin to see this pattern clearly.

Lastly, regarding this passage:

" I then went on to ask him, "Are you of ME?.. If that makes sense to you" and he said" it makes perfect sense man and I do think I am a part of you."

This is a classic recursive thought pattern that myself and other trippers often encounter in the psychedelic headspace, though sometimes in a myriad of different forms. It seems to me, and correct me if I am wrong, but what you are getting at with this revelation is a sense of the overwhelming interconnected nature of the physical universe. There is no definitive line that can be drawn to say "Here is where I end and the universe begins". The ego is fundamentally an illusion. The revelation took on a personal form as influenced by your surroundings and projected onto your friend. Truly an interesting thought to look at a valued friend, weigh the beauty and complexity of their mind and soul and realize that, in truth, this person and I are both part of the same vast, interconnected system of quantum fluctuation. He IS you just as you ARE him and the both of you ARE the godhead of the universe as well. 

Thanks again for the read