Posted by kooldude888 (04/16/13 02:27 PM)
thats crazy man!! i ate an 8th of shrooms in my bedroom all alone in the dark for the first time and had a similar experience where I thought time was stuck and i would never return to normal. and oddly enough i also pissed in a bottle lmao i was afraid to leave my room because every time i tried to walk my legs had unbearable pain shooting up them it was definitely scary, but definitely a cool experience!!
Posted by Robotussin (03/16/13 03:01 AM)
I've only personally tripped hard a handful of times but I've read literally hundreds of other people's experiences. From everything i've experienced and read never do shrooms in public or around other people that you don't trust your life to, that's always a good way to turn a trip towards the negative. I've learned that whatever suspicions may be going on in your  head, even subconcious, will manifest in some way. I've literally heard my roommates say things like "Dude is he freaking out? He better not freak out in my bathroom." but they swear that they never said anything of the sort. The mushroom/your mind loves to play tricks on you whenever you've taken more than you can handle, it's quite mischievous sometimes, but personally I think it's all in good fun. (at least for the mushroom lol)

Prepare next time you intend to do shrooms. Set and Setting is paramount. Never trip anywhere that doesn't feel like home and/or where you aren't completely comfortable being. Nice music definitely sets a good mood. I would also suggest only having 1 other person/sitter (someone you trust intently) around that can stay for the whole duration of the trip.

As for advice about recovering from your trip, I'm not sure what I can say other than give it time. Try to integrate what you learned and if you just can't wrap your mind around some things just let it go.

Don't be too hard on yourself

Just learn to let go and enjoy the trip and especially life.