Posted by thepowerofthemind (04/08/13 03:19 PM)
I'd say it's very possible for some to experience a level 4 trip from 25 - 30 grams fresh of the Psilocybe Hollandia.

I personally have no idea of how much it'd take for a level 5 however you'd most likely vomit from having to eat so much to achieve a level 5 for which I'd suggest making a tea from them to try to hopefully reduce the chances of vomiting. I'd also recommend making a tea when dosing on more than 20 fresh grams because of the cnahces of vomiting as well.

For anyone who thinks I'm crazy for stating a level 4 from 25 - 30 fresh grams, I am pretty sure my prediction is quite accurate although the dosage varies from person to person.

I personally find 22 - 24 fresh grams gives Extremely powerful and colourful OEV's followed with deep thoughts and from that I conclude the likelihood of my estimate to be quite high.

Although I think the majority of humans would find 20 grams fresh to be enough for a strong trip. Anything more than that would  be too strong.

I think the highest level I've been to is a very strong level 3/probable level 4 trip but I'm comfortable at a full on level 3 personally.

Happy tripping.
Posted by Jerry the Junebug (03/21/13 02:46 AM)
It does seem that many of the "Level 5" trip reports are not properly "categorized". A level 5 experience to be induced by digestion of mushrooms would be around the 20g to 30g range (dried). In all likelihood, most people would have a hard time holding it down and would vomit out large amounts prior to getting the effect. A true level 5 experience is likely only possible with DMT extraction, and inhalation. A level 4 can definitely be reached with 3.5 to 5g and smoke.

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Posted by backintheriver (02/28/13 10:07 PM)
well for one thing when you dry fresh caps you end up witj about one tenth of your wet weight so thats just under 5 g dry. everybody is different but i have had time cease to exist, complete loss of connection with reality, forgot who i was, what i was, how i got there, i felt i had merged with everything around me and a sense of oneness with everything from 70 g wet. however that was my own homegrown less than a hour from being picked and grown from a wild mushroom print o harvested in florida. everybody is different.
Posted by mio (02/26/13 05:52 AM)
I get level5 with 5gs dry    shrooms vary in potency due to genetics even in same batch   and they affect people differently some can get lvl5 from 3gs

This thread is the joke
Posted by Tmethyl (02/24/13 06:28 PM)

The level thing is a fu--ing joke.

You're wrong. Dead wrong.

Posted by Peteza34 (02/24/13 06:19 PM)
Different people also experience the drug differently as well.  I've heard people say they barely get visuals up to 3.5g while still experiencing the full mental effects but I can eat 2g and I get really nice visuals and euphoria but the mental aspect is kinda mediocre.  I think in general, most average sized people with no tolerance would reach  something like a level 4 experience with 45g fresh. 
Posted by rbalzer (02/24/13 11:56 AM)
for real, don't dis on the dosage because it doesn't work for you.
depends on way too many variables
Posted by Schopenhauer (02/24/13 05:01 AM)

It's a rough guide. I can assure you that 2.5g dried semilanceata (each) put me and a friend in such a state a year last Feb. Of course, it will be much more likely if you stay quiet, in the dark minimising stimuli. So what you should have said was "didn't put ME in that state".
Posted by Roker (02/24/13 04:53 AM)
The calculator is a rough guide and personal dosage depends on the person. If you're bigger than the average male you will need more, if you trip on a regular basis you may build up a tolerance, if you dose on a full stomach you will not trip as hard. if you are on certain medications such as ssri's you will have a higher tolerance and probably shouldn't be tripping anyway. If you do the lemon tek you will trip harder. If you use a maoi you will trip harder. Some people are wired differently and need extremely high amounts. The calculator works for average size people with an empty stomach who have no drugs in their systems to compete with the available serotonin receptors.