Posted by finn the human12 (02/24/13 01:30 PM)
holy f**k! thats amazing! by any chance if you have any other pics, you should totally post that shit! i want a tatoo of it!!!!!
Posted by mio (02/24/13 01:34 AM)
Yup yo definitely have talent

but she looks skinny/almost dead :P

I like the greylevels with the pencil though and the small details

Add some color!!  would be much better with color
Posted by Fedor (02/20/13 08:51 AM)
I like the texture of her wings and the snail in the corner :) Nice work!
Posted by gullhole (02/20/13 06:40 AM)
fucking cool!
Posted by Tmethyl (02/19/13 06:28 PM)
The stem of this mushroom looks like a Helvella Crispa. The cap looks like a Hypholoma.
Posted by Tmethyl (02/19/13 06:28 PM)
Posted by Techn9cian (02/19/13 05:28 PM)
She looks like a crack fairy. Nice picture though, she just skinny as fuck. 
Posted by LiquidGlass (02/19/13 03:09 PM)
You have amazing talent!