Posted by mio (02/18/13 03:36 AM)
Be careful, use a scale next time

Having a bad trip the first time isn't enjoyable when you don't know what to do if you get one

The best ways I can recommend with a bad trip is changing location,   moving over in a chair   or from chair to a couch, and changing light/music

then it can turn 180 degrees around in a matter of seconds, and become a good trip.

search 'trip' in 'site' above and you should find a trip faq of what a good setting should be like, and always use a scale

set,setting,dose is important with psychedelics, if you mess one up it might screw you over (especially a higher doses you have to take care).

lower doses are usually more forgiving

I'm glad you had a good experience :)

Also I can recommend doing high doses alone in silent darkness if you are careful, for self-exploring.
(that is the only way I learned anything with psychedelics, never learned anything by tripping with friends, has to be alone)

(doesn't have to be silent darkness though, I usually prefer light and music on, that is just what mckenna recommends:)

psychedelics did the same for me that you just wrote, they usually motivate me how to live my life to be happy
weed is the opposite for me :( so not using that anymore

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