Posted by dextroacidsoul19 (08/04/13 11:33 PM)
This sounds very cool. I've had a lot of LDs while on LSA, but I always end up walking on walls and making obscene gestures to people. It's funny because they always have exaggerated responses(because I want them to).
Posted by weshroom (01/28/13 03:21 PM)
Wow man thats really interesting. PM me id like to talk more. I have some galantamine but ive only tried it once, it took me hours to fall asleep but it worked!

You took a really high dose, I took 4mg. DId you take it after ~4hours of sleep. This has inspired me to try it again. 

Also, were you doing daily reality checks and a dream journal ..etc.... b4 this experiment or did just go for it?