Posted by dakotaellis166 (06/02/13 09:19 PM)
id rather take shrooms and acid seprate  ....thats the thing with dealers they say they put acid on the shit.
Edited 6/2/2013 11:19 PM
Posted by finn the human12 (02/12/13 04:36 PM)
maybe it was laced with the legendary banannadine? (LOL)
Posted by Spectacle (01/27/13 12:51 PM)
yea drizzogz hellas getin fuxed up sein pirahnas n shit hella dosin double dose shrooms my dealer homie hookxup bro laces my shrooms with acid bro
Posted by gullhole (01/27/13 03:21 AM)
yeah no chance there was acid on ur mushrooms 
Posted by Parrott (01/27/13 12:52 AM)
Shrooms laced with acid? Man, i want that dealer! hahaha
But it doesnt seem likely as acid lasts about twice as long as a shroom trip. and 6 hours is about as long as a shroom trip. . . .