Posted by Sel (04/30/13 04:15 PM)
shrooms also messed up my perception and senses and shit i didnt know what was going on for my first time i wrote about it just now i had a similar story i now cant make myself feel happy happiness makes no sense when you have to make yourself feel it and drugs can only do brain shit it shouldnt be like pills and have to do with ur feelings towards life and other drugs. u should all read it
Posted by Lucaohai (02/19/13 02:58 PM)
You're friends seem like the kind of assholes who don't feel any sort of remorse of compassion. Sad to hear about the consuquenses. Hopefully you will find joy in other parts of life. 
Posted by SomeGuyX (02/05/13 10:34 PM)
"I was looking for shrooms to get answers to my life and to be happy but instead i just hated my life." 

Shrooms externalize problems, and lets you see them with a new perspective. Looks like you are growing as a person, you are moving past just smoking weed all the time, and finding things you want to do. I had a really bad trip one time too, and during that time I wasn't doing too well in school... During the peak of my trip, I came to the realization that I had fucked up... A lot. Too much. Realizations come with hallucinogens, they are not just about the cool things happening around you, it distorts your way of thinking. Which seems obvious when I say it, but I mean... It's true. 

Anyways, I hope you deal with that brick wall you just hit! I know how it feels!   : )
Posted by wem420 (01/30/13 08:22 PM)
'I was looking for shrooms to get answers to my life and to be happy but instead i just hated my life.'

Now this last comment was interesting.  When you go through a trip like yours, it looks like you were given some answers. You said it will get youi off of drugs for now and has you looking for whats good in life. Your attempting to now look at the positive side, during your trip, all you could do was get stuck on the negative, sounds like your already doing better. :)
Posted by Taybs (01/23/13 06:47 PM)
Posted by shroom_sandwich (01/22/13 12:27 PM)
I agree with the previous poster, that is good advice he has. These are powerful tools not to be taken lightly. Try your best to integrate the experience and see why you feel the way you  do. You said you've quit drugs... I've had similar revelations on mushrooms and the like where I said I'd quit drugs and live a healthy life and appreciate everything sober for what it's worth, but then I go back to smoking pot daily and all that... but try your best. Eat good, drink lots of water tea and other healthy things that aren't soda, meditate, excercise or go on nature walks often, try to surround yourself with the most positive beautiful people whenever you can.

I've had darker experiences where I was shown parts of my subconscious that previously were hidden. I've come to terms with the fact that I am pretty introverted and it makes it hard to communicate with others sometimes. It's not that I'm shy or anything, it's just that I usually don't know what to say, even around like-minded people. I love communicating with loving people who have important things to share though, but not so much rude kinds of people. I've come to terms that I often doubt myself too much. I think too much a lot. So I've taken up meditation and am eating a nice big tastey salad right now. These things make me feel better and more true to myself, thus making me feel better about my self and more confident knowing that my actions are lining up with my thoughts. 

Find something you love. Music? Nature?  Some kind of hobbie? Find something that brings you happiness and do it. Extra satisfaction and happiness will come when you do things that benefit and help others and not just yourself. 

Remember, the "bad" trips may be hell while they're happening, but after the matter they can be the best catalyst for change. Do something, because if you don't then you'll likely continue to be in the mood you are
Posted by Valleylights (01/22/13 05:22 AM)

Man I know how you feel, I've had similar experiences but not as full on as yours. Thankfully I was never in an environment that provoked the experience on as you were, which sounds like half the problem.  You need to look at this seemingly fucked up experience as a chance to grow, heal and evolve.  You've been on a trip to your darker side and that ain't ever easy. You'll most likely be more aware of the darker aspects of your being from now, but thats not a bad thing it helps us to realise our true divine nature. Its all on the road to healing and realising ourselves.  

Mushrooms have bought this forth for you rather brutally and so having been so traumatic  it might take a while to feel you are ballanced again, to the more positive side of life but you will be fine. When you're going through a rough patch like this you need to show some extra self compassion and be easy on your self. Look for the things in your life that you are grateful for however small they may be and know that although life can seem so dark there are always things you can be grateful for. Do this every day and it will help to realise that you have plently of things to live for.  Exercise like running can be a good start to help pump some of those good old endorphins through and keep you grounded. Also care for your body by feeding it good food and lots of water helps alot. I highly suggest getting into some form of physical yoga too which will help to regain ballance and wellbeing and help purify the sunconscious. Find a good Dvd and do it often it helps alot. 

However the best advise I could give you is to learn to be with these painful feelings/emotions that go along with those bad thoughts. These are feelings that like a small child, need your recognition. When these emotions that feel so freaking bad come up we tend to drive them away or not feel them at all costs. We instead bury them in our subconscious mind where they unconsciously affect our lives, crying out from afar to be simply felt. All emotions are a bodily message that need to be recieved by us. Seriously this is the best way to heal your emotions that I have found. Simply feel them! Feel them and listen to them and be wioth them in your body. Get in touch with those feelings and be with the feeling. It takes a little practice but the key is to be gentle and simply allow the feelings to be in your body. Don't rush the feeling or try to intensify it just leave a certian space and feel what it has to say and where it takes you. Name the feelings as they arise, eg."fucked up shitty feeling in my chest" In this way the emotional energy is finally recieved and ultimately transformed and we are healed. This is a quick simplistic explaination. Mental insight comes along the way, you regain true peace and happiness. Let me know if you want to no more about this type of work.    

I believe shrooms have the power to show to us our true divine nature, revealing to us our deep connection to the eternal light of god and all that is. Buddha nature, christ conciousness. On the other end of the spectrum they can drop us deep into the darkness of our subconscious minds. We all have this darker side of our subconsious, where we hide all our emotional hurts and fear from over our lifetime (and perhaps lifetimes before). People live their whole lives subconsiously in the pursuit of keeping this darkness at bay, though never fully aware of it.  Others might decide to do some mushies and next thing you know you've been tossed into the dark seas. Its a rough old place the darkness, one of fear and seperation from the light of source but through bringing its contents into the light, we are healed.


%u201CThere is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.%u201D

C.G. Jung

Posted by Iced (01/22/13 04:59 AM)
Damn bro, try looking on it as a good lesson. I had a bad trip on mushies and never wanted to go back to that shit, but if you start with a low dose and respect them you will have the time of your life man! Live life to the best you can and dont give up on mushrooms yet!