Posted by Thund3RChild (07/15/16 08:15 AM)
It sounds to me like you and I have a lot in common, only that I switched from Catholicism to Pantheism with dashes of Jungian and Buddhist thought ;-) . I would love to exchange ideas, contact me.
Posted by Abstraction (05/10/13 12:29 AM)
 "...because suddenly after the ingestion of a single chemical compound, things are revealed to be much less certain."

My physical premise attempts to convince me that there are many things I experience in my three dimensions of sense that are absolute. To discover that they are not...

 Anyways, your introduction to this report is a remarkable description of the opening of the third eye. The next task at hand is to make heads or tails of what we see. The fact that you state that you are not quite sure of what exactly it is you perceive is, in my opinion, evidence that you understand it quite well. If you ask me (which is not recommended, when it comes down to it I know not much at all), we can be taught valuable lessons during our experiences, but to generate lessons of our own design would mean that we were connected directly to the source, something that our physical bodies prohibit us from doing. In order to have self-constructed enlightenment, therefore, would be to embark on a trip we would not be returning to this world from. Rather, we would be returning home and staying there. This is commonly referred to as death. And in so returning to the source, any epiphany made would not be made by a person individually, but rather by the Whole. 

So maybe, we cannot ever really understand WHAT it is we dive into on a trip. But we can understand the lessons we garner from it, and that in itself is fantastic. 

Beautiful report, truly the strokes of a master. Much love and good fortune for your journey yet to come!
Posted by Dpsyphil (02/23/13 01:32 PM)
Posted by Dpsyphil (02/23/13 01:26 PM)
email me..

Won't love to discuss your experience  with you.

Very positive  review.

Jai GuruDev (Victory to the Greatness, in you) 

Posted by captaincourageous (02/21/13 12:37 AM)
Wow, I must of the MOST intelligent and thought provoking reviews I have yet to read. A refreshing breath of fresh air after reading so many reviews by high school DOPES (" I sat down and played Halo 3 for 2 hours after texting all my friends " DUDE, trippin' balls!"). If you one day write a book about you experiences, let me know...I want to READ it!

Posted by Dividual (01/20/13 01:11 AM)
Thank you so much for reading!
Posted by weshroom (01/19/13 04:13 PM)
Thank you so much for posting this!! This trip.