Posted by Dollyskip94 (05/18/22 07:33 AM)
First time actively seeking these I live on a rural property with lots of decaying pine trees scattered around. I would appreciate so massively any tips or tricks for someone who doesn%u2019t know heaps what they%u2019re doing. It%u2019s always stuck with me that they bruise blue but there is also a species that grows out here that looks so similar but doesn%u2019t bruise when squeezed on the stalk. Any help would be massively appreciatedĀ 
Currently situated on the west coast of tamaki makaurauĀ 

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Posted by NZelle (05/10/21 03:22 PM)
Is it possible to help update these or suggest changes? They're great but for this one the spelling is outdated (also wrong on Wikipedia), it should be Psilocybe aucklandiae. Fruiting from clay in Pinus radiata plantations and mixed/native forests....most commonly found in the Auckland region of New Zealand but there are reports from other locations. Including Australia.