Posted by spookz112 (07/12/17 04:31 PM)
Also that part about the brothel was very deep and poetic.
In my oppinion it was trying to tell you " so you wonna be a man and lose your innocense ? O.k then I'll show you what life is really like in a nurshell.

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Posted by spookz112 (07/12/17 04:25 PM)
i had the same thing when i was tripping in a shed. i had one of those cd players that have 2 speakers the look like ey3s. i though that the speaker was pushed through the brick wall from the outside in like playdough and all i could see was this face looking at me. and for ssome reason i just though " omg I'm trapped in my dream, I've manage to scientifically trap my self in my own dream which was just a 3 meter square shed with a face and although the door was clearly right behind me, i just didn't notice it until i saw my cousins (who was having a bad one too) i just saw his face just drift off into the corner and i thoguht "no don't leave me" lol but then followed him and managed to get out. I also saw my last heart beat leave me into the distance and i fe;t so sad and i wanted to catch it but kept think that i had no chance lol.
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Posted by HugoRetardo (03/25/13 04:51 AM)
I had an experience very similar to this.  you can read my trip report if you wish. 

this was basically my major revelation during my trip.

I cannot put enough emphasis on the feeling of waking up into a new reality and realizing that your whole life has been fake and only now are you seeing how things really are.

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Posted by AllGreyThumbs (01/09/13 02:14 PM)
Fascinating story.  It sounds like the "Joker".  There was a thread not too long ago about joker or evil carnival themed trips.  They seem to occur when someone uses a drug like Salvia without enough respect.  It feels like the drug is offended by foolish people that treat it's immense power like a toy.  "This silly human thinks I'm here to do tricks for its entertainment.  Ok, I'll give it a fun time, a real fun time."  Either Salvia is pissed about how inexperienced and disrespectful users just looking for the next thrill caused it to be vilified, or something about ourselves likes to occasionally remind us that these kinds of drugs are not always supposed to be fun.

On another note, I find the tales of how you seemed to be commanded to move extremely fascinating.  Someone using the drug for purposes of self exploration might wish to experience this to better understand themselves.  "Is that the brain talking?  If so then what am I that is watching?  Another part of the brain?  Something else? ".  So there is the potential for different motives for using Salvia.  Perhaps if someone used the drug with a less recreational attitude they might not get taken for such a ride.

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