Posted by Ggwilliams (07/28/17 03:55 PM)
Yo I found some mush at my golf course in the fertilized greens clippings    they look beast but I want confirmation   the Spores  are black 

Posted by Ggwilliams (07/28/17 03:53 PM)

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Posted by Kelsomcm (04/26/16 05:24 PM)
Hi, I have searached through shroomery and various Google searches and cannot seem to find an answer to my question. I hop someone on here can help me. Spring has been nice down here in Texas for mushroom foraging thus far producing many many cubes in my area. I have several friends that give me person to forage on their huge cattle fields. The other day one of those friends mentioned that they spraid their field last week. As in fertilized it/ weed treated it. Another friend mentioned that he has another field I can check but they feed those cows a lot of grain cubes as well as letting them graze. My questions are; Does picking mualshrooms of a field that gets fertilized regularly affect the mushroom VS a field that is untouched except for the cattle grazing?? Also, does what in the field affect the mushroom?? For example if ryegrass is planted or its a coastal hay field VS an unplanned, natural field???