Posted by BornToTest (07/25/15 11:53 PM)
That was pretty funny to read, I hope C's sis doesn't blackmail him with that xD
Posted by The_Truth (09/26/14 10:18 AM)
An interesting and funny read but what the hell were you thinking driving on mushrooms? That's the type of shit republicans use to get elected man, not cool.
Posted by andrewmurray86 (02/12/13 04:41 PM)
This was an enjoyable read
Posted by Technocity (01/21/13 01:36 PM)
Solid except for the not having a plan part.  If you had a solid plan I think everything would have been all good.  Also I love looking at phones on shrooms its even crazier to try and send a text message.  I don't know if this is a level 5 trip though.