Posted by WeAREofUS (03/18/13 12:43 AM)
excellent man. this was very beneficial in quite a few ways actually. I can relate to your feelings on wanting to trip/learn alone. If kinda gives you more "breathing room" so to speak, while seeking these answers. My buddy kept asking me was I alirte during our trip because I would lay for minutes on in without opening my eyes- and I was actually getting annoyed but he had no idea (or maybe he did) of what kind of spiritual awakening I was experiencing. Next time I will definitely trip in the comfort of my home while no one is around, with a few "trip toys" as you call them lol... anyway thanks alot man. I have to get some rest right now but I will check out your other report(s) tomorrow... Oh yea, I see you attended mercer down in Macon.. It would be so weird if we knew each other. I live right outside of Atlanta.
have a good one man and thanks again!
Posted by Iamajalpeno (12/12/12 10:46 PM)
Thanks for the feedback guys. This is actually just one trip report that is part of my personal trip journal. There are currently 5 others of about equal length. If you guys wish I could post those up as well and point you to them. Thanks again for the positive feedback it is good to know that people can enjoy my reports and possibly gain some insight from my experiences. 
Posted by BeachsideGreen (12/12/12 07:48 PM)
Very awesome report mi amigo. Thank you for taking the time to narrate your experience!
Posted by Adrenalien (12/12/12 07:17 PM)
That was beautiful. I love how in-depth you take your stories and how your personality shines through. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders.

Id love to hear more from you!
Posted by Tmethyl (12/12/12 05:59 PM)
Very nice report, great writer.