Posted by Bethshroom (05/17/23 07:32 PM)
Question, I had grown my own in a mushroom magic bag is fully colonized. I took out of the bag and placed it into the fruiting chamber, and somebody told me to break it up, but I think I should leave it as the big brick. What%u2019s the best way for them to fruit
Posted by (03/23/22 08:22 PM)
in my opinion the best preservation and preparation technique would have to be in a stone grinder. it can run for 10 to 16 hours and meld into a fat of choice, mine would be mct oil. ive done similar preservation methods with cannabis and kratom and kanna and each have been uniquely potent in their own ways in comparison to any other way ive ever taken them. the stone grinders are a few hundred bucks, but for the micronization they achieve, im happy to own one. S. Rue, Psy and mct oil i could imagine to combat a aya experience. Never heard it talked about before, but ill be on the journey to making it here soon.