Posted by Sash123 (08/15/15 05:53 AM)
I'm living in South Wales, Aberdare where abouts locally is the best place to find shrooms? 
Posted by jack mehoff (04/03/14 08:01 PM)
I live in st Paul's north Carolina a small secluded town outside of Fayetteville and Lumberton. does anyone on here know if / when the trippy season starts for me:) and which species should I be finding the most of? I'm confident in my abilities to identify them have done more research on them then I have ever done with anything in my life very confident.
Posted by Chidog87 (07/13/13 12:38 PM)
Looking in Idaho targhee national forest area what species should I be looking for, for  psilocybin containing mushrooms  
Posted by Joust (12/21/12 02:31 AM)
Thanks man, been a lot of work, couldn't have done it with out my colleagues.
Posted by Gravija (12/08/12 08:59 PM)
Excellent work, Joust!