Posted by Iamajalpeno (04/09/14 01:39 PM)
Interesting report. I am pleased to hear how much you have benefited from your experience with DXM. This drug gets a bad reputation due to the high rate of irresponsible abuse by teens. Personally, I have found DXM to be an extremely interesting substance.

Regarding the differences in your experiences, the dose factor (spreading it out vs. all at once) is a quite likely cause. You see, DXM is a very interesting drug when it comes to dosage changes leading to radical changes in the experience. DXM is far from linear in its effects. This is due to the presence of a psychoactive metabolite of DXM. When it first passes through the liver, DXM is metabolized into a chemical called DXO. The two are similar in their effects, yet differ enough to provide interesting results when dosing parameters are altered. By taking your dose in an extended manner, the ratio of DXM to DXO was greatly changed. I have noticed similar results in my experimentation with DXM. When taking a dose over an extended period (or taking an extended release form of DXM) resulted in a more upbeat and lucid experience with a significant decrease in the powerful dissociative and visual effects of the drug. Conversely, a large dose of instant release DXM taken in a short period usually results in an experience that is much more dissociative and disorienting. Additionally, the visuals were always much more intense and transformative when dosing in this manner. 

Thanks for taking the time to narrate your experience. Great report.
Posted by misterjingo (12/12/12 11:48 AM)

It's been nearly a week since this experience and some pretty amazing things have occurred. Since '96 (when I developed pretty strong HPPD symptoms) I have experienced varying degrees of derealisation. I thought I'd conquered this around 2001, and whilst my baseline felt altered and I still saw visual effects, I figured this would be as good as it gets, and I carried on with life.

Since this DXM experience, I realised I was still far off baseline for all these years, I can finally see this because now I feel absolutely grounded! It's pretty amazing. In the days after the experience, I worked through a lot of baggage and realised I had been focusing on reality in a perspective akin to tunnel vision with the visual effects of HPPD as the centrepiece. I basically ignored everything but the emotional feel of my day-to-day existence and was still far removed in a depersonalised sense. I now see that the day to day interactions remain the same, "I" remain the same, my interaction remains the same, and my perspective has pulled back so I'm not so blinded. In short, I'd been pretty much fucking up my own perception of reality without realising it.

This sounds basic, but the realisation is on a fundamental level which has actually altered how I experience reality on a day-to-day basis. I actually feel as grounded as I did prior to my HPPD. I feel pretty fucking awesome to be honest!

 I've existed in a limbo for nearly 16 years, "waiting" when I didn't realise I was actually. This stuff (DXM) can be pretty magical.

Posted by misterjingo (12/09/12 07:10 AM)

To be honest, I'm not sure. Most of two bottles, it felt very 3P from descriptions I've read.

It's 4 days since this experience and I feel more grounded than I have in years.

Posted by weshroom (12/08/12 04:34 PM)
Great trip report! Reminds me of some of my experiences with dxm. Its been a few years since ive experienced it, but the curiosity to explore it again is always there. How many mg did you take?