Posted by Jazz2277 (02/25/18 02:40 PM)
Can anyone help identify these. I just found them 2-25-18 in nw pa few warm days and a lot of rain fall
Posted by Epic shroom (06/21/17 02:16 AM)
I am not sure if this is a shroom it looks blue on the cap but the stem looks black someone that has more experience will be able to know if or if not this is a magic mushroom don't know how to add a photo from my phone
Posted by Kotobuki (05/02/17 11:38 PM)
Hello! New here. Live in Kansai area, Japan. Want to go hunting, not sure where to look or how. Would be nice to meet someone who knows. Wouldn't mind growing a little on my balcony. I believe it's legal, but no longer legal to sell. Haven't tried them in ... a lot of years. Want to visit a heroic nosh--for my size. ;) Any guides out there? TY
Posted by BooBookittygfuck (10/01/15 01:32 PM)
Has anyone ever seen these before?
Posted by Loxer (11/05/14 01:33 PM)

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Posted by eNtelligence101 (10/10/13 12:27 PM)
can anyone help me identify these mashrooms PLEASE?!?!?!