Posted by Hippylove93 (08/22/18 06:12 AM)
Ok I am trying to make a post to get help identifying these mushrooms i found growing in our horse pasture on and around their droppings, location is northeastern arkansas there are ALOT, I've posted pictures but now can't locate my post on here, the site is very confusing and (overwhelming) as the page makers said, it won't allow me to post a picture from my phone on this comment. But I have posted pictures somewhere in this site.
Posted by Jazz2277 (02/25/18 02:40 PM)
Can anyone help identify these. I just found them 2-25-18 in nw pa few warm days and a lot of rain fall
Posted by Epic shroom (06/21/17 02:16 AM)
I am not sure if this is a shroom it looks blue on the cap but the stem looks black someone that has more experience will be able to know if or if not this is a magic mushroom don't know how to add a photo from my phone
Posted by Kotobuki (05/02/17 11:38 PM)
Hello! New here. Live in Kansai area, Japan. Want to go hunting, not sure where to look or how. Would be nice to meet someone who knows. Wouldn't mind growing a little on my balcony. I believe it's legal, but no longer legal to sell. Haven't tried them in ... a lot of years. Want to visit a heroic nosh--for my size. ;) Any guides out there? TY
Posted by BooBookittygfuck (10/01/15 01:32 PM)
Has anyone ever seen these before?
Posted by Loxer (11/05/14 01:33 PM)

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Posted by eNtelligence101 (10/10/13 12:27 PM)
can anyone help me identify these mashrooms PLEASE?!?!?!