Posted by SomeGuyX (01/10/13 05:20 PM)
A good mindset varies for the individual, but personally I only like to leave reality when I know nothing will come into my trip to haunt me, and that I am in a safe environment. Making sure that you are taking care of school, work, family, etc... Because shrooms externalize certain aspects of your life, and can intensify your emotions towards it. Which directly happened in this trip report. But environment wise, I don't like to trip with people I am not close (relationship) with. I wouldn't hang out with a group of people and down a bunch of shrooms just because they are doing it... Because it could lead to euphoria, or the opposite. And I've been on that opposite side, and it... Well, I definitely... Wouldn't recommend going there. :P 
Posted by Tree-for-Three (12/10/12 12:47 AM)
I had a similar trip a few months ago, it was my first trip and i posted my story in lvl 2 but i think it's more of lvl 3 . anyway that doesn't matter, i just wonder  since you've had more and better trips since then; what IS the right mindset? i just feel like i need an idea of what to look for. is a good mindset describable or is it too personal and you just have to feel in tune with yourself to have a good trip? i really wanna do it again but another bad trip doesn't sound too awesome.

ps great story
Posted by SomeGuyX (11/29/12 02:13 AM)
That was beyond intense, that was the first time my reality got completely obliterated. But honestly for me, shrooms make me feel a lot of emotions - practically everything, and sometimes all at once. And getting scared or spooked on shrooms is not that uncommon for me. Sometimes I will get that horrible bad trip feeling randomly, but I've learned to let it pass. Maybe its just because I had that really bad trip... Hmm.. :P 
Posted by Anahata (11/27/12 04:09 PM)
I enjoyed the read, it was like i was there. How old are you? where u from?
Posted by K1ngSp4de (11/27/12 02:20 PM)
Yhea it can get really intense, I always think at some point, is this ever going to end? My wife and I took 8.0 and 6.0, respectively, of some cubes the other day and she ended up crying tears of joy and sorrow for all humanity and the planet for like an hour and a half. Although we have never actually had a per-say "bad" trip, some are more overwhelming than others. Set and setting my friend, always know who is going to be there. I don't do shrooms with any more than 3 other people, because I have to know I can trust them.