Posted by NJJXIII (10/26/12 12:19 PM)
Those are not fly agaric dude the caps arent right.
Posted by guitardude3 (10/25/12 11:02 PM)
Might wanna get a trusted identifiers opinion before you ingest those man. I'm no expert AT ALL, but those don't look like Amanita muscaria to me.
Posted by LawnPhenom (10/25/12 06:35 PM)
not an expert I.D'er but don't think they are muscaria you needthe hole stem with the bulbous base and concetric fuzzy rings  fpr a proper id plus  the cap don't look right
Posted by Im-aNiceGuy (10/25/12 10:39 AM)
From the little I know about fly agarics, I'm pretty sure you're a lot better off drying them first if you're gonna ingest them I think maybe in an oven. They vary a lot in potency, more than psilocybin mushrooms do,
 so I'm not even sure if anyone could tell you how much you'd get off of these mushrooms.