Posted by JaiGuruDevaOm (11/03/12 12:20 PM)
I smoke salvia a lot (maybe 3 times a week)... But hey, salvia is not for fun. I understood so much, solved many problems.. but you have to find your way with salvia... Setting is important, as always.
Posted by lifeiswhatyoumake (10/18/12 02:27 PM)
Um, Salvia is MORE intense than LSD, DMT, or Shrooms, I think.

Posted by HappinessStan (10/17/12 03:19 PM)

Welcome to the world of Salvia!!! I thought that I'd never do it again, til a few months later I became curious and tried it again, I tell you one thing, a small tube of that stuff lasts months!! Imagine the 100X !!! I always feel like I'm part of the surroundings i.e. I became the walls and the table in my mates house, I know what you mean about machinery (ever tried MXE?),book pages opening over and over, being on a train track, merging with physical surroundings, I love how one minute you're sucking a pipe the next you're in wonderland ( if you wanna call it that lol) and then five minutes later you're back in the room trying to get your clothes off and feeling like you've been abused. Everyone must try it once I swear, however I feel we've probably adulterated it slightly by multiplying the strength, I reckon bowl after bowl in a nice hippy tent with some music and soft lighting would be mesmerising ;) Salvia divinorum, Sage of the diviners!!! And Tbf I think it's way stronger than acid/shrooms/K or DMT but maybe that's just me??