Posted by JoftheRocks (02/21/13 01:06 PM)
This is an incredible trip log. I got tears in my eyes just picturing the beauty that you so perfectly described. I experienced my first ego-death the other day, and it was incredible :) Thanks for sharing!
Posted by mio (02/18/13 11:27 AM)
Egodeath changed everything for me afterwards  did you experience that too?

Posted by Technocity (01/21/13 01:45 PM)
I have yet to try munching on anything over 3grams however after this upcoming summer I may start growing and will just have to try this ego-death experience; it sounds very intriguing.  I'm glad you had a great time.
Posted by BMKTW2 (10/19/12 05:53 PM)
I enjoyed your post very much. I had a similar experience I will attempt to describe here.
I was smoking Space because of a piss test I had comming up. This space was home made and evidently it had a hot spot in it that I was unaware of.
I smoked my bowl as regular, expecting to be relaxed and just do some chore in the house but I began to feel extremly high. My heart was racing, I had never been so high.
I felt like i was going to have a heart attack so I went outside to walk around the yard and get some fresh air. When I went outside I was having strange feelings/emotions.
Here is when my ego left ....
 I remember looking at my physical objects which i always regarded as so "awesome" and important. (My trucks and toys)
They made me laugh. They were so un-impressive and just silly looking. I viewed my life and what I was doing and felt disapointed.
I looked at everything, and nothing was special or important,  just silly.  Until I looked at my woman. She came outside to see what I was doing and I broke down.
She was so important and special to me. I'll never forget the strong, genuine change in emotion when I sat with her. It was all very strange but I beleve it showed me how I would feel without the ego.
I have not been able to re-create this experience since but I will never forget it.
Posted by piedog (10/17/12 02:48 AM)
awesome.  i want to have shrooms in an environment like that so badly, only had them in mine/friends houses so far!