Posted by pablokabute (10/14/12 11:49 AM)
RESPECT. Even Teonanacatl himself; RESPECT HIS FLESH, OF A GOD OF COURSE. Nice Report.
Posted by shallowbastard (10/14/12 01:16 AM)

my friend, i havent had fun during a mushroom trip for some time now. For those who have mostly fun when tripping, i embrace their happiness. for me, mushrooms stopped being just a drug to take for fun and rather became a tool, a teacher, a hard super intensive lesson of life the beats you the fuck up for four hours straight so that hopefully you come back a better citizen of the world. CAnt help it.
Posted by Tmethyl (10/13/12 05:47 PM)
Every higher dose trip I partake in on shrooms tends to show me whats exactly wrong with my life, then shows me how to fix it... I think in a way one trip even cleansed my body of whatever bad stuff was in it... I can't explain it but I've never felt so clean.. and energetic, since that trip. It was like a massive detox. There is something much more important at work in Psilocybin, it's not just a recreational drug meant for fun. This stuff can heal peoples lives, and I believe, even some physical illnesses. There is so much going on in a trip I don't even want to start typing it.
Posted by shallowbastard (10/13/12 02:11 PM)

yessir, respect towards things and people around us. respect to my body, because during the trip i realized that i've been abusing alcohol and that way hurting my health/body.
be cool.
Posted by Tbone W (10/12/12 05:08 PM)
I liked how you spoke of respect. Respect the experience and respect your body/mind.