Posted by Qualophile (11/25/12 02:46 AM)
This sounds familiar, man. "Missed every possible occasion" and all that. Would you care to explain this further though?
If it was inevitable... what occasions were there to "miss"?
Much love <3
Posted by doorsfan2 (10/09/12 12:12 AM)
yeah it is short and to the point. you did to much man. you got the fear
Posted by slavia (10/08/12 12:53 PM)
When instead of feeling as part of the Oneness you feel that you are the Oneness, is painful, isn't it? The Aloneness. Nothing that could ever happen to you here on earth doesn't even come close to the sadness of that feeling. Because when you feel the Aloneness, you can't count on time to put an end to it. Comes with Foreveness on top.

No evil, no dark or bad need to be involved. The eternal existence in the absence of good and bad, yesterday or tomorrow, life or death and someone/something else to know your pain is enough to drive you crazy. Coming back to the life as you know life to be, feels like a bless. Isn't it?
Posted by Astral-child (10/08/12 01:30 AM)

hey man that sounds like you dosed on a heavy mind, i had a level 5 shroom trip on an 1/8, witnessed ego death, non existing time, black outs, hyper sensitivity to pure emotion translated as sound that was an eye opener... and the whole time i needed to keep silent!
Posted by jack_straw2208 (10/07/12 03:32 AM)
i had that on 12 hits of acid once (dude assumed my friends told me it was windowpane, i took three). woke up naked in my living room wrestling my dad, with potting soil all over the carpet. i was grounded for a whole month.
Posted by Manic626 (10/06/12 04:50 PM)
why did you put dec21st?  Is that the day of your trip?
Posted by Man in the Box (10/06/12 07:39 AM)
really like your report. short and to the point