Posted by PositiveAura (09/29/12 10:45 PM)
A very nice, spiritual overwhelming story.  I love when things happen like this to people because it shows how truly remarkable the real mind is.  Not the mind we are conditioned of from youth, but the actual human mind that is working all the time.  That's what you see, hear, think, actually but it's all the barriers that are put into place when we are young that makes it tune out.  I am glad you had a good trip that opened you up.  I am sorry that you felt alone even though people were there including your boyfriend, but sometimes us humans need to feel alone and be alone both physically and sometimes mentally in order to overcome and know that when we are alone in the future we are going to be alright.

If you don't already, start meditation techniques and you will be able to teach yourself how to overcome these problems that are in your head.  Or feel like you need to do something.  Always be in control of your mind and meditate to achieve one day what you do on mushrooms.  Meditation is the key to unlocking the mind.  I am glad you are seeking alternative methods to open your mind though.  I will always be hear for you. :)  You can talk to me about anything you want!  Let's be friends!

P.S. I can't find your alias to pm you :(