Posted by elpsiconauta (11/30/12 02:57 AM)
well this is astonishing really but I experienced a trip where a great part of it is INSANELY similar to yours (the part where you realize you're too fucked up to do anything and start thinking if its permanent) on LSD. It was my first and only LSD experience yet. I took 300mcg (i have first hand knowledge of this) and tripped far beyond the margins of this or any world. the first part of my trip isn't remotely as close since I really wasn't listening to music or doing anything just sitting down tripping with one friend also tripping but on 150mcg and a bunch of sober friends (bad call, the ego rip sucked).

I wrote a very very long trip report I'll post here in a bit, but strangely I never got so much detail into that part. I guess I was uncomfortable talking about it since I feel it was something very very personal.

that part was so similar I have to describe it now though! I feel I must for some reason haha. I was minding my trippy business when I soon forgot what was real and what wasn't so I thought I was gonna be crazy forever. It was a horrible horrible feeling, I too am christian and imagine how I felt feeling that with my FIRST EVER experience with psychedelics. but mine had a visual part, there came a moment where I saw an entity I can't say it was or it wasn't god, and I talked to it and felt it's presence while also seeing it.

Amazing things psychedelics.

Posted by EndOfTheNight (11/01/12 10:04 PM)
Thanks for reading SurfandDerp!

As for your question, I do feel that they weren't put on earth by mistake. I know for a fact that I wasn't alone that night, and that they really are ancient teachers, vessels of knowledge, and that the mushrooms themselves and the experience itself are meant to be taken seriously in every sense of the word. I share some viewpoints with the shamans of the past in that they are entheogens, and as the definition of entheogen states, they "Generate the divine within" and bring you closer, regardless of your religious beliefs, to spirituality, or developing a sense of spirituality in general. 

So to answer your question, yes, I do believe God put Psilocybin Mushrooms on earth with the purpose/hope of enlightening whoever he could.

Now unfortunately as all of us psychonauts know, we have friends, or know of people, who "Slander the sacred halls of truth" as good ol' Neil Peart would say, and do not take the Psychedelic Experience seriously. They view it merely as another drug, characterized by "Cool Visuals", etc. or that they partake in the psychedelic experience just so they can say they have.

These people in my opinion are destined to experience what I like to call, and may have referenced in the above report (I can't remember haha!) as the Cosmic Slap, the revealing of the wealth of knowledge withheld by the ancient teachers. Furthermore, anyone who gets involved with Psychedelics on a deeper than a "scratching the surface" so to say level, is sure to encounter it.

And those of us that have know that it is not always pleasant, but ALWAYS necessary! 

In closing, I'm not saying that Mushrooms, or any tryptamine or psychedelic for that matter is bound to make you religious, I'm just saying its bound to at least make even the most stubborn atheist ponder that there just might be something more.

Thanks so much again for reading! It's much appreciated, as is your inquiry!

It's great to talk to others about the psychedelic experience, as our quest for integrating the wealth of knowledge bestowed upon us is always the true reward of the experience, with the euphoria, intensity, laughs and fun that goes along with it being secondary to the true purpose.

Peace & Love, 


Posted by SurfandDerp (10/30/12 02:32 PM)
Very cool!  Great that you had a truly spiritual trip.

Question for you as a Christian: do you think that God put mushies on the earth for the purpose of consumption?

I'm an Agnostic, and I'm curious to hear your viewpoint.  All of my friends are non-religious (the ones I trip with, anyway) and we all have a variety of opinions about the where/how/whys of mushrooms.  I'm curious to hear what a Christian might think about them.  Thanks!

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Posted by iSpore (09/10/12 12:37 AM)
Awesome story! thanks for sharing! =)
Posted by EndOfTheNight (09/07/12 11:34 PM)
Oh, Sorry! Not sure if I specified Dosage or not! My dose was, believe it or not, only an eighth of some supremely potent cubensis! 

If you choose to read this report, thank you so much for reading!

Peace & Love,