Posted by MichelPicher (01/02/13 03:06 AM)
i would say Golden Teacher, but not 100 % sure
Posted by JoeMama1992 (08/01/12 11:24 PM)

There's really no way to be able to tell which "strain" it is unless it's something like Penis Envy, and is especially hard to tell when grown from multispore.

They're clearly Psilocybe Cubensis, which is all that really matters :P

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Posted by THY WIZARD (07/31/12 12:47 PM)
it took about less than 24 hrs from pin to the size you see here by the looks of it your pins tray looks much different than comparing i assume they are B  
Posted by dmppb (07/30/12 10:11 PM)
i got some teachers growing right now, check my page , u can compare, 

urs don't look as round as my teachers, although i let some grow very old , and and they turned kinda like that , so its hard to tell , in my pictures , theyre the two small trays , 

how old are they? 

Posted by THY WIZARD (07/30/12 11:57 AM)
 BRF CAKES WHERE INOCULATED WITH A MYCELIUM SYRINGE TEK DERIVED from a colonized brf cake which was not labeled ...there where 2 kinds of fully colinized jars gts and b   
Posted by ro-deez (07/30/12 07:29 AM)
Prolly b but only you could know