Posted by Technocity (01/21/13 01:57 PM)
What I've learned from everyday experience is like you said: "fear is not real."  There is a quote (I can't remember who from) but it says that "fear is  not real but danger is" and tripping on shrooms isn't really all that "dangerous" so there is nothing to fear.
Posted by Hugo-Posh (10/10/12 11:17 PM)
This seemed like an inspirational trip which has helped you further yourself in life. :)
Posted by doorsfan2 (09/27/12 03:34 PM)
what a great trip story. nicely written. it made me laugh out loud alot. why does every one get naked on mushrooms is what i really want to know
Posted by davidmckenna (08/29/12 07:43 AM)
I was crying at "No more panths!". great story!
Posted by psychonaut435 (07/31/12 02:52 PM)
Great post, really well put together. I have the same feelings about clothes when I trip as well. They feel so unnatural and it makes me realize how stupid the whole clothing system actually is lol. Just my viewpoint though.
Posted by Mushie23 (07/28/12 01:22 PM)
yes it is.  
that's a very large dose in my book, even more so since it was dust.  i can only imagine how hard it hit when it came on:)
Posted by Rydia (07/28/12 08:29 AM)
Always great to hear of a good trip ;)