Posted by ghettosteve17 (10/15/12 04:56 PM)
Thats crazy that the potency can vary so much...  Imagine if you had like 3.5 grams of those potent mushies!
Posted by LastBreath (09/21/12 09:38 PM)
I completely ignored this report after seeing the massive wall of text. Did you graduate from high school? Didn't they teach you about PARAGRAHS? 1 star.
Edited 9/21/2012 8:40 PM
Posted by Mushie23 (07/07/12 01:44 PM)
First off, wow...what an experience from what is normally considered a very small dose!  I would agree with your theory's as to why it had so much potency.  It's nice to hear others stating that their spirituality/beliefs are bases on or around what they experienced through a mushroom trip(s)

From you explanation, sounds like you dove head first into the spirit realm...possibly a shamanistic type state.  

Great story!