Posted by dextroacidsoul19 (08/04/13 11:48 PM)
The real psychonauts aren't dxm haters... Just kidding, but most of them aren't.
Posted by Breton (10/03/12 12:35 PM)

DXM is a wonderful thing, when you use it "right", haha. :)

Posted by aliahangel (07/07/12 02:02 PM)

That was awesome ;)
Posted by wakenbake (07/07/12 06:25 AM)
It sounds like you had a fun time. Most people here are DXM haters so don't be surprised if you get 0 or negative comments. I know exactly what your saying about spinning and rolling around it feels so good to just do stupid shit like that.

When i DXM trip to get the most out of it you should try a  higher dose and lay in a dark room with some of your favorite music playing, mine would be psytrance when im on DXM. It really brings out the magic in it and the trip part of it.

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