Posted by neckfae (06/11/13 12:36 AM)
Those are definitely Cubensis. enjoy!!
Posted by Tangich (06/27/12 08:23 AM)
Posted by 2bakednate (06/26/12 10:39 PM)
From the looks and sound of it I would think you stumbled across some P.Cubensis. Awesome find!
Although I would wait for a trusted identifier to identify your mushroom.
Also it would be much more useful to post this in the mushroom hunting/ID forum for that's where a post like this would belong.

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Posted by motoman01 (06/26/12 08:49 PM)
I believe these may be a Psilocybe of some sort. Found after heavy rain in cow dung.  Any help would be much appreciated  I have another pick of the gills in the post above this one.  This was found in the TAMPA, FL area. 
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