Posted by MichelPicher (01/02/13 03:09 AM)
dont tell anyone you grow man WTF. :P
Plan for get raid by police.

Posted by Jackthetripper7 (06/12/12 10:49 AM)

Thank you xzylocybin, im taking both spore prints, and selling some to a friend, i want them to be potent but i also want them to weigh slightly more, because whats a potent mushroom thats light as air? i'd need to use more!, in all honesty i think getting the word out that i was growing was a bad idea! more for myself IMO
Posted by xzylocybin (06/12/12 01:29 AM)

for spore prints wait until the caps become flat-ish and there are dark spots on the tops, this is the time when they will weigh the most too but for highest potency harvest right after the veils break
Posted by Jackthetripper7 (06/11/12 10:47 PM)

When do you guys think i should harvest? this is my first ever grow, so don't mind the noob question. ive already picked a few, and the veil has broke on a fair amount of them, but i want to have them at the highest weight possible, and take a few spore prints for following grows. any and all responses are appreciated!