Posted by Mushie23 (06/24/12 09:00 AM)
   I understand the cloudiness you're talking about.  This usually happens when I have a conversation with someone, interact with them or whatever it is during the height of my trips.  9/10 times, I trip alone.  I sit in silence, usually in a dark room with a lit candle or two.  The peace of mind this brings is nothing short of amazing.  Having a tranquil, calm, quiet & comfortable setting, as always, is key for me.  Give it a shot next time you get the chance.  The cloudiness, at least for me, doesn't come during meditation...rather, epiphany's of understanding, enlightenment and all out euphoria.
   Please let me know if this is something you try, I'd love to hear how it goes!
Posted by swimminginthedeep (06/12/12 10:02 PM)
I've had mushrooms a few times before, and the problem I always run into is I kind of get stuck inside my head and these crazy thought loops start going and it gets to the point where I can't control my own thoughts anymore and it feels like my own sanity is gone. I am going to be trying them again this weekend though, any advice on how to deal with the cloudy headspace and confusion shrooms can bring on?
Posted by Mushie23 (06/12/12 02:23 PM)

Personally, I've never meditated on LSD.  Is one able to meditate on that?  Is someone has done it, please post!

But mushrooms, that's another story.  I eat mushrooms every 3 or 4 weeks, with everything prepped, and dive into a deep state of meditation.  The mushroom is what got me started on meditation in the first place. 

Posted by swimminginthedeep (06/11/12 08:13 PM)
Posted by Cyrusthegreat (06/11/12 05:16 PM)
cool! Id love to trip on a beach. Never been to  NC or outer banks. But I live in the PNW would love to trip on the beaches there.Kitty hawk  u say? Did u fly ur first flight there lol?
Posted by swimminginthedeep (06/11/12 03:25 PM)
thank you! and shes around keep looking! :D
Posted by lysergicdreamVa (06/11/12 02:55 PM)
Sounds like an awesome night. i had a similar experience on 4 hits.  had a buddy drive us all over va beach and was seeing demonic faces in the trees. I definitely want to take a trip to the obx to camp and trip soon. cant really find lucy around here anymore though.