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Into the state of the G-d mind. . . .

You have done yourself a favor, a grand favor, and a favor for all of us. 

I am new here but I am not new to the message of love. . . .amor omnia vincit. 
That is on my family arms, under a large tree, with a bear rampant. 

That is always the message of the G-d of love, who rules the universe. . .
And yes, we are all of the same spawn, the product of love, and the seed of lov e
that falls from the tree inside the fruit of love, and burrows into the earth. . .

You have done what you needed to do for yourself. . .and for us. 

Live the life of love. . . .because it is the love of life. . . .

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uhhh, tao.. yeah.
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damn, it didnt embed! lets try again
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this song is relevent! honest!

heres a link if it still wont embed

randy describes eternity
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this was really excellent, thanks much for sharing.