Posted by mais_yeah (05/21/12 01:12 AM)

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just sayin ;X

Posted by TheEskimoMan891 (05/19/12 12:15 AM)
Smoking when you come up will reduce the nausea and the anxiety that usually occurs with medium to large doses. 
Smoking when your at your peak will intensify and prolong the peak.
Posted by Sober (05/18/12 08:40 PM)
Allot of good folks smoke cannabis at the peak of the trip to prolong visuals. I dont think its the psychoactive that causes the trip, its the psyche. Threw personal experience I find that weed can be pretty awesome when tripping, for the trip and the overall vibe. I woudln't recommend taking gravity bong rips though 0.o , just a joint or two. But overall your trip sounded like a wake up call. Take it seriously. Also sounds like you purged out some bad things. I like to think that the booms do to the psyche what they do to the rest of nature, take dead shit and recycle it so it can turn into heady soil to feed beautiful flowers. Thumbs up girl, stay warm and comfy.
Posted by androidandro (05/18/12 08:09 PM)

They made the peak so much more intense. Although his asshole room mates didn't tell me that I shouldn't mix the two. I've been smoking weed since I was 13 I'm 17 now so I figured I'd be fine, guess not.
Posted by Cyrusthegreat (05/18/12 08:01 PM)

Shrooms and weed do not mix well. Weed will make siide effect worse. Only use one drug at time. Never mix shrooms with other drugs mkay.