Posted by MellowMushies (11/02/13 10:37 PM)
man great report. trust me i know what you have been trough.
like it has been said it is always best to let go you will always have a better trip then, as long as you keep positive.

not to be judgemental but maybe the reasons your Cid trips seemed tame was because you never fully let your mind to be freed.

but i have felt death knocking at the door wanting to tag along on my best advice is to accept it man its just a part of life its just ones inner self speaking out so let him be your shadow forget you have one and enjoy your trip

enjoy your future vacations 

The MellowMushie 

Posted by Psilioquy (05/22/13 11:04 PM)
That was one of the most interesting trip reports I have read, some good things to think about in there.
Posted by wem420 (01/30/13 10:57 PM)
Wow. first incredible description of  a level 4. I would expect a writer to type something like this out!

I agree on the non-ego-death. From 9 grams you should of been out easily after awhile, but, i think you were so strong willed you may of somehow held on? Odd.
Posted by Rydia (07/18/12 10:22 PM)
This is a very good trip report, one I have shared with quite a few people. Thank you for taking the time to write this, it's well written and entertaining :)
Posted by Straydog1018 (06/06/12 10:23 AM)

Thank you all very much for your feedback. I have realized by now that you guys are all right and this was very close to an ego death but not quite. ReverzeFTS, thanks for your comment and I can't tell you how much I wan't to try DMT. I live in Maryland, about 30 minutes away from Washington DC and I grow my own shrooms now but DMT, forget about it. When I was in cali, I had access but no money and I beat myself up all the time for not being able to do it. I have been craving that shit for years!
Posted by OneMind (05/19/12 06:18 PM)
Nice trip report i really enjoyed reading it. But i feel that i must agee with slavia when it comes to my understanding of  "ego- death". Im still kinda new to the world of hallucinogens and i too find it hard to let go when im experiencing powerful trips but the best advice that i can give is to always give in.  Simple rules to avoid complications as you travel further down the chosen path,
1) You are not dead nor are you dying.
2) Never leave your house or the place you have chosen to have your experinece.
3) Have the utmost respect for Halluciongens,
4) No matter how hard you are tripping you will return.
5) It is never a good time to die.
Peace<3 :D
Posted by ReverzeFTS (05/17/12 05:53 PM)
The way that you described how you used to be so cocky about your psychedelic drug usage and then suddenly through this one trip that ego-maniacal sense of pride was so entirely smashed that you were trying to call your parents to tell them that you were sorry for killing yourself... it must be an extremely humbling experience, and although a shaking one at that I still hope to one day be able to experience it. Also, if you are still a psychonaut, the way that you have written this trip report is so inspiring and sincere that you simply MUST explore the world of DMT if you have not already.
Great respect (:
Posted by monmush (05/16/12 09:25 AM)
I agree with Slavia.  This wasn't about Ego Death.  You were too much still in control.  I always imagined that when we release from our egos, we can float and be part of all things.  The whole "death" thing is off somehow. It's not death, but release.  Also, I would not want to smoke while using mushrooms.
Posted by Straydog1018 (05/07/12 06:51 AM)

Thank you very much for the link Bawks. Really helpful! This post is my first on this site and I already love the community!
Posted by Bawks (05/06/12 11:00 PM)
Here's something you should look at:
Posted by Straydog1018 (05/06/12 10:14 PM)

And also, the more I think about it Slavia, the more I think your absolutley right. I think I came really close but might not have expirienced a true ego death since I remember trying to call my parents to say goodbye. From what you are saying, if I was expiriencing an ego death, I would know I had parents or even existed in the first place. That makes too much sense
Posted by Straydog1018 (05/06/12 10:09 PM)

Nice response Slavia. One of the things that I always keep in mind when I'm taking trips like this is that there are always people out there more expirienced then I am. I really don't think I would have the balls to take more mushrooms then this. Haha. This was the scariest thing that I have ever expirienced and if a real ego death is even worse, Jesus Christ... wow
Posted by Bawks (05/06/12 05:47 PM)
That was a good read, but it wasn't much of a detailed report on ego death. It was just a detailed trip report.

Believing you're dead =/= ego death.
Posted by slavia (05/06/12 04:50 PM)

Nice trip report and definitely a good warning about what mushroms can do to a person. I think that what you have experienced is the closest thing to an ego death. But..from what you describe seems more like you thought that you as a person have died, your body died. To me ego death is a little more than that. Is when your ego - with everything that defines you- is lost. When you have no idea about who you used to be here on earth, who was your family or friends, when everything about yrself is forgotten and you don't have any idea about your life - not even your name. I also think that you were very close to this, but you fought your trip. Instead of accepting the ego death, lay down and see what comes after, you tried to hang on to your present life and feel  your body alive. If you are still curious on ego death, next time give in. You will surely not die, your body will know to bring you back at the end of the trip. But your mind might wander in out of words places.