Posted by JohnnyZebra (03/13/12 03:25 PM)
dude that sounds pretty hardcore.. your a real trooper.
Posted by Icculus (02/24/12 04:50 PM)

Sounds like my Phish Hartford 2010 show.  A few less doses (5) add in 4 g's fungi, about 10 beers, tons of cheeba, and about as much mahl, it was spread out over 3 or 4 hours tho.  LOL, didn't have visuals like that, but i was shurly spun out of my gord....My girl still holds that show against me.

The only thing i remember from the show is trading a dose for a beer to this random chick, and I asked if she had herpes before i drank it.....that didn't go over well