Posted by Rixubishi (02/12/13 12:32 PM)
@ gypsypunk 707... Hmmm... Now being an advocate generally for the erowid philosophy of 'you cannot deny the experiences of others' and all that, I am calling into question the exact profundity of your experience. Complete ego death and dissolution from one's existence is more often than not a very earth shattering, harrowing and nerve shredding experience, with often lengthy residual effects before acceptance is even remotely achieveable. If you were sincerely traversing the very depths and aspects of your mind like you say, then your mind must be like a small, evaporating muddy puddle with not a Bufo toad or mushroom in sight, and you should seriously reconsider the path you are taking in life, because a truly 'profound' experience, as you put it, is far far FAR removed from the wafty drivel you've written, and will rock you to your very fucking core. You should also note that most people post (unless they are bullshitters) to try to convey and make sense to THEMSELVES as much as to their potential audience, what the FUCK happened. May I add that enlightenment from a truly emotionally and perceptually astonishing chemical like DMT often comes with a price. I don't think you could handle it.

In all honesty, I sincerely doubt you would be questioning how others would feel in YOUR position, but more often as I and many others like me have found the role is drastically and terrifyingly reversed. People don't just come out of these situations and say 'Oh yah, it was vewwy pwofound, and it was, like, SOOOooo pretty.' They just don't. End of! And as a sidenote, the additional comments you have provided us with would surely have been better evaluated BEFORE you submitted your report, IF your experience was as 'profound', as you say.

What are these revelations you speak of? Are they so great you don't wish to share them with humanity? Or won't your fellow psychonauts be able to comprehend them? That is the whole point of sharing a trip report, is it not? What changes and resolutions have you made in your life after experiencing such a 'profound' moment of your life?

Something tells me you're not being 100% honest here...

The fact that a very meagre attempt to describe your experience has been made either implies that you genuinely cannot even muster up a coherent commentary of what happened with your 'profound' experience, or you are talking complete codshit. Comparisons with The Matrix signifies to me that you have never embarked upon the mystical journey at all.

Sorry, but personally the nBOMEs I have tried have yet to provide me with a single significant revelatory experience.  Just pretty colours and a somehwat clear headspace, even at higher doses. So if you've taken DMT like you say and compare the insight and arsekicking aspect of that WITH the dose of 25i you took, then I personally call into question the validity of your trip report. Your faux hippie claptrap isn't washing with this one.

Posted by gypsypunk707 (08/11/12 01:50 AM)
oh and i also saw alot of portals, in the shapes of triangles and squares very colorful triangles.
and i heard phones going off. ringings. dial tones. all in my head
like higher frequency beings were trying so harrd to connect my 3rd eye with theirs and they did. very intensely. thats when all the knowledge gets overloaded and floods into your brain. and it feels like ur brain is frying. like bubbling. like lsd. but with a more designed purpose than what lsd "frying" feels like
. it was like a phone call. an outer space. muti-realm call.

are you ready to answere their call? they are waiting for you to pick it up.

"the matrix is real neo. trapped in a prison as big as u can think of"
Posted by gypsypunk707 (08/11/12 01:31 AM)
I pretty much had the same trip.
this drug takes you to a very spiritual level. Stimulates your brain with vast amounts of knowledge. thats why you hear people going to the emergency room for this shit cus they dont know how to handle whats on the other side. (death) luckily for me im Sagittarius and i know whats up, i did dmt the nite befor (bought it from the same dealer) so preparing for a simulated death was eazy for me,
 soo much wisdom both "good and evil" wisdom

i saw a futuristic utopian city metropolise. outer space citys thats is literally possible with earth's resourses,  just humans lack the unity to put it together, its been called "the Venus project" but no we have to use all our resources for the insane illusion of money and the wars and greed and hate that follows.
i had visions of me being a rock star when im 30. rocking the fuck out on center stage.
it had me simulate sex while i was listening to dubstep and the girls voice became a real figure off the wall doing a lap-dance for me
also saw alot aliens. alot of higher frequency beings. forwhile it felt like i was just astro projecting.
than out of nowhere i visualized myself in a knife fight. then death. then astro projection.

after eating panda express. at the elemtry school i live by, my brother dosed like 14 other friends with it.
i did the little bump. it felt electric up my nose. like how lsd is. i started to feel bad,  but only cus i needed to go to the bathroom (chinese food)
i walk back to the house, my walk back felt very tipsy. like my feet were walking on moving spheres that never gave me 100% balance.

i get there, my stomach in knots. i used the restroom i feel better. lighter. but too light gravity was going away it felt. still little weird feeling in my belly, i go to my room to rest. i had a bad day that day, my DMt last nite gave me bliss happyness. i went to go hangout with friends the next day.. they just dont understand the power each human has, it made me feel sad inside not being able to share my emotions i got with dmt.

i was ready for ego death.. death in general. i wanted to die. i was done. this life felt meaningless and unproductive.but i guess time does take its time for everybody. after dealing with my hurt emotions. regaining positive energy and a positive outlook on life, i start to trip major balls. i felt naked. i felt like every other 3rd eye in the universe was looking at me. just looking at me while i was loosing my everything. but only to get it back.

after tripping in my room for about an hour, my brother comes in tells me to get back to the party. for the rest of the night we were chilling on the grass at the school watching the night sky do hella crazy geometric patterns and discussing the ideas of gods.
Posted by Mitsuevo (07/02/12 05:32 AM)
Want to share this knowledge with us?
Posted by lifeiswhatyoumake (02/19/12 01:17 AM)
Nice!  Sounds like you have a great time!