Posted by cptfoggles (06/14/14 01:38 PM)
Great trip report, I really enjoyed it!
Posted by Webster10 (12/15/13 05:47 AM)
Wow this was an awesome trip story. Something similar happened to me one time which lead me to have a 6 hour conversation about life with my mom while on 2mg of 25b(unkown at the time). Overall, very interesting. And someone mentioned it in the comments, if ever caught doing acid, tell them to look up the dangers of LSD use, they will come back to you astonished.
Posted by Inconspicuous (03/17/12 06:23 AM)
How can he be 14 if he has a car?
Posted by plasma21 (02/14/12 06:23 AM)
sick story :D cant really relate to being introuble from parents on acid but everytime i have done acid my parents came home exactly when i hit the peak. EVERYTIME! my mum found out ive done acid before. i told her to look up the dangers of LSD. she hasnt mentioned it since >:D
Posted by istandalone (02/10/12 09:19 AM)
jesus op, are you 14 years old or something?
Posted by King Klick (02/09/12 06:29 PM)
Good story man. Parents are a bitch. I wish kids were allowed to make their own mistakes.
Posted by ImmortalZodd (02/09/12 10:09 AM)
Well written and entertaining, way to show quiet  reserve around your parents and keep your cool... Not sure how old u are but that's a good sign of maturity and a solid mindset.

" a lysergic ninja of the night"

^ I lol'ed
Posted by sevens (02/09/12 09:01 AM)
Very well written, aside from a few grammatical errors, missing words etc. Next time do quick proof read maybe :)

Great trip report, kept me entertained from beginning to end!