Posted by treesniper119 (02/06/12 10:15 AM)
amazing detail, beautiful...
Posted by Infectednl (02/04/12 03:23 AM)
yes I think you could reach all the dimensions with psilocybin. you should read "Alchemy of the nine dimensions" from Barbera Hand Clow to give some insight.  this piece took about 2 months but I was not constantly working on it. if I could constantly work on it it could be done in 2 weeks.
thanks for comment.
Posted by TriCH0M3zZ (02/03/12 11:37 AM)
Hey man, how would one go about reaching the fourth dimension? could i reach it with psilocybin? andd im diggin the art work how long did this master piece take? oh and when you were in the fourth dimension was it like where you go when you die cause thats what im thinkin, since were in the 3rd we can detect the 1st and 2nd, but not the fourth and im thinking if your in the fourth you can sense the 1st 2nd and 3rd but you cant interact with the lesser dimensions.