Posted by Syke001 (03/11/12 11:20 PM)
Besides the illness and vomiting that actually sounds like a really nice experience. Why would you not want to do it again?
A little advice on the nausea.. i like to start by taking 0.5g then once i start to feel the effects i take more... it gets your stomach used to the shrooms without shocking it in to sickness... works 90% of the time for me... and dont forget ginger! ginger helps nausea.. so some before and/or after dosing should help.

But yes, that was a very nice read :) thanks for sharing.
Posted by mant43 (02/22/12 05:59 AM)
i can admit to some of the feelings you've had on my previous shroom experience, i vowed not to eat them again :) until i ordered a spore print from spore works :P lol
Posted by R.I.P.McKenna (01/26/12 11:36 PM)
Doesnt sound like the greatest experience but dont let an upset stomach end your shrooming career bro. Enjoyed readin it btw