Posted by State of Nirvana (02/10/15 07:37 PM)
When dealing with illegal substances in general, I believe very well there should be a age limit. The mind is a precious thing and for such an early age to be exposed to such wonders can be risky, it can either improve the mind set or deteriorate it.  

You appear to be very young and open but have a lot to learn, respect the drug for what it is and it will take you a long way.

P.S. Unnecessary boasting of one's intelligence comes off as smug. 
Posted by Shuckles (02/01/12 07:04 PM)
I understand and will correct the grammer errors. But I assure you his real name isn't Doggo, thats a shortened version of his alias.

As for UNDERAGE, I believe when dealing when dealing with illegal substances in general there isn't exactly a AGE limit...

I did learn many things months after this trip. It would take forever to write the appreciations with nature i've been beginning to feel. I'm a city guy, and honestly my whole life I've doubted ever moving. Now I just can't wait to get away.
So I definitely know that shrooms are much more then just a toy...

As for eating them again, I feel its going to be a long time. The only reason I began to trip every month or so was because it was available. Now its not. My next report will probably end up being when I'm 18 and close to graduation if I still know people. Thanks for commenting.
Posted by egodeathflux (02/01/12 09:49 AM)
To be fair, your report is nigh on gibberish, but evidently from your reply to vaughndrix, you can actually string a sentence together.

Couple of things, you are UNDERAGE and shouldn't be posting on this site. Definitely not that smart if you admit that 11 words into your post..

Hope you learned that shrooms aren't a toy.

Also posting people's names who sell you drugs is not very cool.

Maybe start eating mushrooms again when you are a little older. I'm guessing 17 may be an exaggeration.

Not trying to be a dick, maybe just think things through a little more, sorry your experience this time was an unpleasant one. Peace.
Posted by Moonbeam (01/31/12 07:36 PM)
What the hell are you talking about Vaughndrix, stfu. 

Nice trip report Shuckles, I know how fucked things can get once something unexpected happens!
Posted by Shuckles (01/25/12 06:49 PM)
How are you going to call me out as a troll? I've tripped 11 times and I'm a Jr. if you didn't read. My peers and the people I'm around aren't exactly the smartest bunch of people. Just because my writing skills are somewhat mediocre I just wanted to explain an experience that went bad for me. To be honest I could have summed all this up in much more depth, but I was getting tired the time of posting. I love shrooms, I find them to be much safer then acid, and 2000x more likely to work in a dose of 2gs or more.. When I say Lost control: It means I couldn't process information fast enough with the strong sensations I was feeling all around me. Every time I tried having a conversation it would end in the same exact point, asking another question. Not to mention my mindset when all of this happened, I was mad, and sick, how do you get out of a bad trip in public when you feel like that? The only thing I could comprehend was following my friend, he was my survival in that mindset. Don't be an ignorant jerk off calling me a troll for expressing the first time I got an intense visual.
Posted by vaughndrix (01/25/12 01:10 PM)
too bad for us if this is what passes for 'slightly higher intelligence than normal nowadays'.  I'm right on the verge of calling troll on this one.  If you can't get over the fact that you lost control of the trip then you're missing the point.  Yo, Dawg, I heard you like losing control so I put some shrooms in your mouth so you could lose control while you're losing control!