Posted by chocoboy (02/07/12 04:23 AM)
y z ths in level 5, more like 1
Posted by IcelandShaman (01/25/12 03:33 PM)
 Way too funny. I laughed when I read the title. I've done shrooms and they're awesome enough. Too much nasty evil karma around lsd. I can relate on the stuck in a loop comment but this occured in a dream where I ate wild mushrooms hoping they where shrooms. As soon as they kicked in while I was staring at a picture on the wall and as soon as I turned around, all I could see was this picture on the wall. It was burned into my brain. I started to panic, blindly trying to find my way out of this room when all I could see was this picture. I finally woke up and realized this picture was actually the back of a chair sitting next to my bed. I was dreaming with my eyes open! Talk about border line lucid dreaming. Also about salvia, when I tryed it, it split my vision in half and rearanged it like a picaso painting. Then I went sideways and crashed on the couch, only lasted about 20 seconds.
Posted by Shroomanism (01/18/12 02:26 PM)
never had lsd, smoked 0.15 of 40x salvia alone in my room with the lights shut. i was pulled on my bed by some unfightable gravity and kept shrinking in the geometry i was one point and hearing and feeling distant memories and suddenly i stood up and yelled WOWWWWWWWWW whaaaaaattttt impossibleeeeeee.... and it was over ive had never felt anything that powerful before. the trip itself was some hell to go trough... but the memory of the trip is the good part.. remembering it is insane.
but i am now scared of taking huge doses of salvia because ive seen how far it could go. and i wasnt there yet and i dont plan on visiting that universe. it was before i take shrooms. it was my first psychedelic.

maybe il give it a try someday but damn, its way too physical for me.. i become pure fractal geometry n sht and i feel hear see taste touch this geometry,

im much more into the shrooms mystery,  on 14 gram youre there in infinity telepaticly talking feelings to impossible godly alien entities that are willing to help you wake up.and it is real. the cosmos is not the way you might imagine it. there are forces at work.and the clock is ticking. there isnt a shitload of time left. and  needless it is to even speak about it because everyone already knows.BUT...