Posted by pk0312 (04/07/12 01:59 AM)
I want to play Skyrim while I'll be tripping first time but I'm afraid of Creatures at night so I might just push T and set to wait for next day until it's bright so I wouldn't worry :)
Posted by mant43 (02/22/12 06:03 AM)
i rate it was tolerance build up
Posted by LSDivinity (01/23/12 03:04 PM)
Skyrim and dragon ball z is the sickest shit to watch/play while trippin'!!
Posted by hyphalover (01/19/12 02:43 PM)
If they had 5 g's in them, you'd def trip weekend after weekend for a while. The cookie was probably a low dosage. 
Posted by nodonutnocop (01/18/12 12:38 PM)
I actually experienced a similar unsatisfying trip once, when I waited too little time after my previous trip. So maybe it IS the tolerance, and you should maybe skip a week.