Posted by psychotropical (01/19/12 12:11 PM)
Well that ecstasy documentary was pretty negative for the most part up until the end with the underground therapy session (if I remember right that was in this episode). It focused on crime, death, extreme cases, etc. - and psychedelics can instantly mirror a powerful reflection of what's being processed and allowed  in our brains at the time. And fear and paranoia usually create a feedback loop - where the more fear you experience the more your own mind creates, etc  - which is actually pretty easy to get beyond once it's recognized for what it is - "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself".  Sometimes this loop can go on for weeks and even months afterwards regardless of  the substance or experience that triggered it (flashbacks, whatever) -but as soon as it's recognized for what it is it completely vanishes, demonstrating that it's not the substance itself that created the fear but teh substance or experience simply acting as a catalyst for exposing fear withing ourselves that needs to be purged.

Just my own personal  theories of course based on subjective experience - but I think this is pretty accurate from other people's reports as well.

Sounds like you've already learned  things from this experience and it emphasizes the importance of set and setting (environment intent)  which all the old psychonaut pioneers  (Leary, Alpert, Lilly, McKenna, etc.) admonished us about.

Thanks for sharing - we all learn from it...
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Posted by nikoB (01/17/12 11:20 PM)
Thanks for sharing. I've been there with the Truman show feeling, pretty scary yet enlightening feeling.  Glad you look at this "bad trip" in a positive way and want to use it to help others and understand your own mind even more -bad trips can be good teachers when approached with this mindset.  I wish you good vibes on future experiences :)