Posted by anaujiram (10/16/12 10:30 AM)
"if you havent shit and pissed yourself. get the fuck off level 5"

truly epic. see you in the astral
Posted by slavia (02/17/12 05:47 PM)
Foxcedar, I do not worry. I live my life as I did before, I haven't made any major changes, I know that now I am living here and have to make the best of it. I did make some changes in who I am, I tend to be a better person, more compassionate, less angry, I stress less for unimportant things, I offer more time to what is important, I try to do more good than harm (even if is about small things, it was shown to me how the smallest action we make can have a big impact). I don't go around preaching or 'sharing knowledge', but I am growing, sharing and sitting for those interested and allow them to discover their own truth. That's my part for now - introducing as many people as I can to shrooms.

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Posted by Foxcedar (02/16/12 09:51 AM)
Also, don't worry... right where you are sitting at this moment is really where you need to be. If its too much and you have to focus on other things, it's ok. I mean, what else can you do until it becomes clear what must be done right?
Posted by Foxcedar (02/16/12 12:15 AM)
I had those lessons in 1995 or 96. What you describe is so close as to be indistinguishable from one of my trips then.  I obsessed on them and ended up being forced to abandon the ideas for practical reasons of persistent reality, but I was always seeking in my own way. I had to develop a healthy skepticism about everthing to survive which I have found to be an excellent thing. But, DO NOT discount the possibility that this is not metaphor and fantasy. I too remember the 'feeling'. It seems much more urgent now and though i haven not tripped in almost 10 years im considering that i need a refresher. Or maybe not...   just reading your experience has given me a clarity i didn't think i could get back. I mean right down to the exit and being told 'dont worry its your first time here its normal'  all of it. I am one of the others. I am not joking,, i am not trolling, i am not practicing guerrilla ontology. I can no longer keep my skepticism balanced with my feeling that this IS WHAT IS REAL. The scale has turned. I dont fully  believe this but i have to tend toward this reality at this time.
Posted by IcelandShaman (01/25/12 04:57 PM)
 Very touching story with a hint of hermeticism, a dragon eats it own tale, one with the all. Good stuff. I'll have to keep this mind set next time I ingest the forbidden fruit. My previous experiences of mixing religion with shrooms where a catastrophe. The first time I got beat the fuck out of by who I thought was Jesus. He just kept slammin me left to right and I was seein hella stars but he couldn't knock me out and after he screamed at me to get the fuck out I ran like hell and after walking the highway all night till sunrise a highway patrolman picked me up and he had multi colored Iris's just like I invisioned the night before. He bought me a cheeseburger and gave me a ride partway. The next time I tripped was on my birthday in a bar where I seen someone resembling Jesus and when I put my arm on his shoulder and called him brother his nostrals flared and he gave me a pissed off stare. Remembering what happend last time I got the fuck outta there. Nobody could understand what I was saying anyways. I had a real fun walk playing on Ice and walkin on money and inspecting the matrix like gecko skin pavement while halting an intersection. Once in a while on the walk home as I kept thinking "Jesus is coming back and he"s pissed" I'd dive into the ditch as cars passed. On the walk home as I got hungrier and colder and realized that nobody in thier right mind in this modern day society is crazy enought to pick up a dying stranger, I realized that this might be it, I might die out here and nobody cares. I begged and pleaded to god for mercy. As a last resort I knocked on someones door and when I begged for food and shelter they shoved a box of cookies at me, wouldn't take my money and slammed the door. A few miles down the road I found a new house under construction and decided this would make a nice shelter. When I got up to it and peaked my head inside, there was a torpedo heater going and no reply, jackpot! I imagined an old man of the mountain sitting in the dark welcoming me. So I warmed up and ate some cookies and washed em down with some fresh snow. The guy that woke me up in the morning turned out to be a really nice guy as I suspected he would and  gave me a ride home. I rested my bleeding ankles for a while while  talking to god in my mind in toungues that I didn't quite understand but eventually totaly broke down between the conspiracys in my head thinking I was being broadcast for thinking outside the box and that beings where taking ove my relatives to try and calm me down while I was trying to figure out the equation of the next step of what do I do next in this equation of pie in this never ending cycle. The next voice said to hit your mom and before thinking I did so leaving a giant bruise on her collar bone. Instantly I was like " mom I'm sorry" which eventually led to flailing seasures which landed me another ambulance ride to the psych ward this time going from bipolar manic depressive to bipolar schizoeffective. Just like the first time I had to act "sane" to get out and here I am, although I dont hear the voice in toungue anymore I quite frequently see faces and eyes in things looking back at me. The moral of the story, don't try to contact man made religions such as christianity, Instead go back to your roots and try to contact Mother Earth. Also, a level 5 shaman doesn't uncontrolably shit and piss himself, he shits in the woods as a way of giving back to mother nature and as a means of rebirthing himself into the wilderness as you should know that fresh shit from a tripper is both sterile and innoculated. Theres an article about some folks in California that got busted for growing shrooms in human shit, I wonder if this is how they did it? 
Posted by Shroomanism (01/18/12 02:51 PM)
Nobody actually reaches level 5. As there will always be more mysteries hidden behind what you thought was it.
The real level 5 is the trip you never come back from.
You don't die from eating magic mushrooms.
Fact nobody ever died from eating magic mushrooms.But if you have done  a few 5gram trips.
Your brain can engage nuclear fusion and you can feel and hear the gears of the Cosmos cracking and moving,
with godly entities that are willing to help you wake up.
You know that you know and yeah,fuck.According to science my brain Imagined all that.
If I imagined all that.And nothing was shown to me but my own creation of thoughts.
I am God and I make the universe happen.
You are God and You make the universe Happen too.
You are Part of me and I am Part of You. 
We are but a bunch of gears trying to arrange themselves together to reach the perfectly working mechanism.

Posted by codemiester2006 (01/12/12 01:16 PM)

Beautiful Experience. I too wonder if These are constructs of the human mind or something greater. I believe in a higher power of some sort. What you have explained is a good report. I think everyone has the unifiying feeling at some point. I have never went too far into the little mushie world only maybe level 2. I did not know you poo yourself on a level 5 but it makes sense.  even at these low levels I make realizations about the fact that our reality is just a image converted for "easier viewing" I too am unsure... since this concept has been widely discussed on television etc so I guess it would be interesting to have a evidence..... I did my own experiement while on mushies albeit somewhat accidental... I had my eyes closed listening to the beatles... and imagined my friend playin the air guitar ... (i was doing air guitar as well ) but i pictured my friend doing the same... who does not really like the beatles but the point is I look over at him... and he is doing air guitar with his eyes closed too... I guess I dont know if he seen me doing it before he started but we felt a strong connection over something so silly... not really a shared halucination but it was neat to say the least.   Thanks for the story I read the whole thing :/
Posted by compfella (01/11/12 05:04 AM)
I know exactly what you are talking about. An almost identical thing happened to me on my first trip. Here is the report.
I left a lot out that resonated with your experience. 6 months later I am still not sure. No more big trips yet but very soon. I am happy to keep communicating if you so desire.
Posted by slavia (01/04/12 08:42 AM)
I go through serious fasting before a trip (no food or water) to make sure the mushrooms work and not to be bothered with body needs.
Posted by Retrovertigo (01/01/12 10:41 AM)
You do NOT have to shit your pants to go to level 5, piss yourself , maybe, shit yourself no.
Posted by lokendoch (01/01/12 02:15 AM)
And shroominism i have pissed myself a few times, I never shit myself though, maybe you got a weak bowel?
Posted by lokendoch (01/01/12 02:11 AM)
Somewhat familar places and "thoughts", haven't been there in about ten years (got into cid and that "place" for me on cid while being very much enjoyable got me somewhere near or beyond there but the doses i took I couldn't remember much of it), I have been longing since to go back, and very very very soon i will be with my "friends" once again. I read every word and sylable of your report,as I have many others, but this really inspired me to "go there again". thank you very much for your "memories" of your experience and bringing me to my conclusion of bye bye cid.....
Posted by Shroomanism (12/28/11 12:53 PM)
>>  from achieving contact with a female from the Sirian Star nation, to having waking visions of a higher frequency planet earth
mundane level 3 more you're almost there. 

ITT people that think they went through a level 5 without shitting and pissing themselves.
it happens when you die too (shitting and pissing yourself)

you will have to accept schizophrenia as a war scar if you wana go there.

schizophrenic . i mean you wont even need mushrooms anymore. i can go there every night with meditation..

shitting and pissing yourself only happens the first time you breakthrough. 

if you havent shit and pissed yourself. get the fuck off level 5
Posted by gandalfe (12/25/11 02:43 PM)
You are not alone, with having a mystical experience
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