Posted by Hyperion00 (12/28/11 09:52 PM)
Relates to my first trip so much but i left my apartment. I ended up near my bay and was around sober people for an hour lol. Almost ran onto the highway to talk to a cop. But never did my voice told me to chill out and go back home. Its like Someone is actually telling us how to live from space lol. I kept seeing myself in a camera view 360 degrees angle.

The time loops for me felt like broken records over and over again. I would look at my friends faces and they would just skip backward and forward lmao. Now i just take low doses in nature and let me tell you i appreciate them so much more. I have done the Isolation Tank as well. And getting in touch with my spiritual side more. Shrooms i believe open your mind to somewhat of a higher self i guess or at least shows you. 
Posted by slavia (12/25/11 02:14 PM)
I had this happening last time I took shrooms too. To me was like this. I lost contact to reality and I've had that feeling (I am sure many know it) that reality doesn't really exist, there is an illusion we created. And the problem was this: because I've got to the level of knowledge where I already know there is no reality, it means I can never go back to reality (because it doesn't exist). So then I was trying to find a way to completely forget or somehow erase this knowledge about reality being an illusion, to be able to go back to the level where I still thought world really is how we see it and be able to come back in it. The trip was much longer and complicated, would need a long long space and patience to write it down, but the start point was this. Even the thought that always keeps me connected when I trip - that I took shrooms, and in 4-5 hours I'll be back no matter what didn't iwork this time. U easily can guess why. Because if there is no reality, there are no shrooms and taking shrooms to free yr mind and the 4-5 hours time set is our invention, is like a password which doesn't work anymore after u hack into another level of knowledge. The eternity I've lived in that trip was painful. Not regretting it.
Posted by halfmonkeyman (12/22/11 04:37 AM)
well i have done mushrooms again sense then in a smaller dose and i enjoyed the mind fuck it it gave me. i think it was the fact that it was a large dose especially for my body weight (125) and the fact that i did not really know what to expect... no one can really know what to expect going into mushrooms there first time.
Posted by NWlight (12/19/11 02:47 AM)
be at peace with the experience.  I was literally standing outside my house with this happening but i was scared to go inside because I couldn't be 100% sure it was even my own damn house that I've lived in for 20 years.

This was on 1/2 oz of dried Azurescens. arguably the most potent mushroom available

if you dont like the feeling then lessen the dose. or stop taking mushrooms. *shruggity shrug*
Posted by Zulu The Most High (12/18/11 10:47 AM)
Thanks for posting.

I had a very similar experience last week on syrian rue shrooms. I did not have contol of my body and all my thoughts were literally looping over and over again. I did not know what was happening. As soon as i was able to form a coherent thought, it would just disappear out of my mind and my mind would be blank again and trying to figure out wats going on. This happened over and over again . I was crawling around my living room for a while and i just remember looking at random objects in the room while my thoughts were looping and not being able to recognize my apt or anything in it. I thought i had gone insane and would never be the same.

When i came to, I was laying in my bedroom just inside the door on the floor. The looping in my mind slowed down until it totally stopped. then i raised my head slightly and started moving my arms AND FINGERS to check if I had regained control of them. literally. I still cant believe this happened.

When i came to, it was 4:00 am sharp. The looping lasted for almost 2 hours.

The trip was significantly easier to handle after that and I dozed off smoking some weed and listening to The Wall. ( first time I ever slept or been ABLE TO sleep while still tripping) Woke up about 3 hours later at around 9 am. I was still having slight visuals and the comedown mind fuck was in effect till about 12 - 1pm.

It was almost as scary as my Salvia breakthrough.

Posted by halfmonkeyman (12/18/11 07:04 AM)
yeah man the next day my friends told me my head was in a bag for like an hour and half.
Posted by TrippyMadMan (12/17/11 10:27 AM)
Sounds like a crazy trip. Last time I tripped I sat in fettle position for what it seemed like hours of zoning out, ended up only being for a half hour. I'd get up to do something, and before I knew it, I was in fettle position again. Haha, wasn't scary but I am clueless to what was going on.