Posted by REBEL IRON (12/01/11 12:58 PM)
Yeah i did mist and fan initially to initiate pinning.. I carried on fanning and misting like 4 times a day, however it was having a negative effect on the shrooms which were not growing to big and seemed somewhat dehydrated (maybe due to too much FAE).. once i stoppped fanning and misting the shrooms started to grow healthier and bigger. I'm a noob myself.. this is my first time.. ive re dunked my cake for the second flush.. this time round im only going to fan and mist maybe once a day and see how it turns out.. these bags have a filter patch which allow the substrate to breathe so I am assuming fanning and misting  is not so necessary. I'll let u knwo how it goes
Posted by Isaacmushroom (12/01/11 07:56 AM)
Looks good man! Do you mist and fan at all or get it any air? Im planning on a similar fruiting chamber but didnt know if i should mist and fan? and how often.
Posted by hyphalover (11/30/11 05:58 PM)
I'm seeing so many more of these plastic-bag grow since joining this site, different than the standard casings I'm accustomed to. Nothing wrong with it thou, just learning new things everyday I guess. Looks like a great flush.