Posted by JustaGuyy (12/26/12 06:00 PM)
I loved reading this trip report. There are so many things that i have also thought about. I believe a person's identity is shaped by the way other people or even other living creatures view you as you. Wether this is true or just a lie.

We were holding hands and I felt connected to her to the point that I almost thought that if I tried to let go of her hand I wouldn%u2019t be able to.

This must've been an amazing experience. I wish i could have had one too.
Posted by Shroomanism (11/26/11 11:02 PM)
mushrooms have mush more to teach you, imagine there is 300 meters between you and a door. well you advanced about 8 meters now. in a level 5 not only you see 3 dimensional stuff all over the place. you become these things these things become know that you know that you know and youre being aware of the awareness of being aware.but you still have that feeling your'e not even there yet. theres still gonna be more, further, always and that forever. i dont know if it is god or aliens or both that you can reach with dmt. but hey. your'e part of the universal consciousness right now. hows that feel brother.
Posted by hyphalover (11/22/11 06:16 PM)
Maybe I was being too enthusiastic when I posted it as level 5. I'm new to this site an all but I was def waaay beyond "Bright colors, and visuals (i.e. things start to move and breathe), some 2 dimensional patterns become apparent upon shutting eyes. Confused or reminiscent thoughts. Change of short term memory leads to continual distractive thought patterns. Vast increase in creativity becomes apparent as the natural brain filter is bypassed"  Idk though, mushroom still have much to teach me. 
Posted by Mushie23 (11/22/11 04:48 PM)
interesting...I've only had fresh mushies once, I'd rather have dried though.  10 g's of dried isn't something I'll be going after anytime soon, I know the feeling of death would eventually come over me(or extreme ego death)...that and I respect mushrooms too much to eat that many.

LOL, I just noticed from the comment and that you had put level 5...I completely agree, you have no idea if you thought this was a level five:)  I mean that in a good way.
Posted by hyphalover (11/22/11 12:15 PM)
These shrooms weren't necessarly fresh/wet, but they werent cracker dry or anything. 
Posted by Shroomanism (11/22/11 11:44 AM)
that is a level have no idea.
Posted by QuestionableGuy (11/21/11 05:14 PM)
Wow if they really felt like this off of 10 g's fresh... then the cubes I've had must suck tremendously. But 10 g's dried would also be a very very wild ride but this ride seemed pretty wild itself.

Great story! Makes me want to get an awesome girlfriend to trip with.
Posted by undelightful (11/21/11 01:56 PM)
Yeah sounds to me like they had to be wet
Posted by Mushie23 (11/21/11 07:26 AM)
   Good story, I assume these mushrooms were fresh?