Posted by REBEL IRON (11/15/11 07:15 PM)
Yeh quite a few have told me to add Perlie at the bottom of the tray,
No I did not dunk and roll as I am a total noob.
I bought the mycobag kit which states to just place the tray and cake inside a bag and to just leave it their without fanning or misting..
I'm trying to stick with the tek instructions for now, although I have started to fan and mist.. its been 9 days since i placed the colonised tray in the mycobag and still nothing, although I am starting to see little bumps which might indicate pinning?
Posted by BlackPeace (11/14/11 10:42 AM)
Replace the vermiculite at the bottom with perlite. Plain verm will contaminate... You want perlite to create humidity, verm doesn't work for humidity generation.
Posted by Sober (11/13/11 09:21 PM)
good luck man

Posted by jhoppa (11/13/11 12:54 PM)
No dunk and roll?